Newtown, CT: via Sandy Hook Promise – There’s no question background checks save lives by keeping guns out of dangerous hands.

But right now our background check system is woefully understaffed, underfunded and missing millions of records – making it far too easy for the next mass shooter to slip through the cracks.

Tomorrow is a critical deadline for urging Congress to make funding and fixing background checks a top priority. So I need you to sign Sandy Hook Promise’s petition right now to demand Congress take action to protect all of our children and communities.

Click here to sign the petition urging your member of Congress to support strong funding for gun sale background checks before tomorrow’s deadline. This is an opportunity to save lives, and we must show Congress inaction isn’t an option.

In January, I stood beside President Obama when he announced executive actions that expanded background checks, and I testified before the Senate in support of them. While nothing will bring back my sweet little Daniel, this funding is essential to making sure the president’s actions are fulfilled – and making sure we can protect other children from gun violence.

We must make sure our background check system is properly funded, and the time to take action is now. Reps. Peter King and Mike Thompson have stepped forward on this issue, and all of us at Sandy Hook Promise are working to secure the support we need. Will you join us in urging Congress to support funding background checks before the deadline tomorrow?

Click here to tell your member of Congress to sign the bipartisan King-Thompson letter to support funding for background checks before the window closes tomorrow.

Thank you for helping me honor Daniel’s memory and build a safer world for all of our children.

Mark Barden (Daniel’s father)