Newtown, CT: Sandy Hook Strong News – Sandy Hook Promise by Nicole Hockley (Dylan’s mom).

So many of you demanded that Indiegogo remove the appalling “Active Shooter” video game from its crowdfunding site that Indiegogo took it down in just hours. And it’s refunding all the money raised so the game’s creator won’t get any profits.

But this isn’t over yet. The game’s creator is still pushing this school shooting video game on its own website, where players are asking for disturbing additions like more blood, screams and children to make it more “realistic.”

When we told my beautiful butterfly Dylan’s big brother, Jake, that his best friend was gone forever, he just howled. I’d never heard a child make that kind of noise before. No one should live this reality, and it shakes me to my core that it’s being glorified in a video game.

Bluehost, the company hosting the “Active Shooter” video game website, says it prohibits profane and obscene content – but has allowed the website to stay live. So we urgently need to apply pressure on Bluehost and demand it immediately take down the website. Will you sign our petition to stop this horrific video game from reaching any more people?

Please sign the Sandy Hook Promise petition right now to demand Bluehost take down the “Active Shooter” video game website immediately.

Even more than five years later, I’m still not ready to face all the details of Dylan’s last moments. The fact that someone has programmed such details into a game for others to play is beyond sickening. I’m so grateful to have your support so we can stop this.