Guilford, CT: 1.15.2019 zip06 .com Zoe Roos reports – The Guilford community now has another tool in its toolbox when it comes to keeping students safe. Guilford Public School officials previously announced the district would adopt a new anonymous reporting system that will allow students, staff, or community members to use an app on their phone to submit anonymous safety concerns. That program rolls out to students district-wide this week.

The Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (SS-ARS) allows students to anonymously submit a report about a safety concern or a fellow student who they think might harm himself or herself or others. The report can be made through a dedicated app, via a website, or by calling a dedicated crisis center. The report is then immediately sent to the school district contact and/or law enforcement, if necessary.

The reporting system comes to Guilford through a partnership between the Guilford Public Schools and Sandy Hook Promise (SHP), a gun violence prevention organization formed after…

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