SANDY HOOK STRONG news – Sandy Hook Promise reports 8.02.2019 – Newtown, CT:

Sandy Hook Promise just helped introduce new legislation in Congress to prevent school shootings and protect more children from gun violence – but we have to act immediately to help it move forward.

The bill is called the STANDUP Act, and it would bring gun violence prevention programs to more schools nationwide. We know these programs work because our own Know the Signs programs have helped avert multiple shooting threats this year alone.

This bill is Congress’ chance to prevent the next Sandy Hook or Parkland shooting – but they won’t act without pressure from people like you. It’s simple: If we fail to move quickly, more children could be put in danger.

This week, Congress goes on its August recess. During that time, senators and representatives head home to host town halls and community events to hear from constituents like you. These meetings are one of the most effective ways to reach your members of Congress, so this is an incredible opportunity for us to push for this lifesaving bill. That’s why we need you there showing your support for preventing gun violence.

Please, will you attend a town hall near you to encourage your elected officials to support the STANDUP Act? Click here to download our Town Hall Resource Toolkit. We’ll share some easy tips for taking action to help pass this legislation and protect children from gun violence.

We know school shootings are preventable – 80% of school shooters tell someone about their plans beforehand. This bill would allow more students and educators to access violence prevention programs so they know how to recognize those warning signs and intervene in time to save lives.

Please, help us make sure this bill can do what it’s designed to: save lives and prevent tragedies before they happen. We have the power to make change right now, so I hope you’ll help us seize this moment.

Thanks for taking action.

Nalini Ramachandran
National Engagement Coordinator

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