SANDY HOOK STRONG news – Newtown, CT: Sandy Hook Promise reports 8.07.2019 –

22 murdered and 24 injured in El Paso.
9 murdered and 27 injured in Dayton.

This is the human toll of inaction.

31 precious lives stolen in less than 13 hours. And still, no action from our leaders in the Senate to prevent another tragedy like this from happening. They’re still on vacation.

At any point this year, the Senate could have passed universal background checks. Congress could have passed legislation expanding extreme risk protection orders across the country. They could have done something to try and prevent the more than 250 mass shootings that have already happened in 2019. But again and again, just as they’re doing right now, they refuse to take action.

Our lawmakers are failing us, and that’s why we’re emailing you again right now. We know you’re deeply committed to preventing gun violence across the country, whether it’s El Paso, Dayton, Sandy Hook or anywhere else. But unless we immediately raise $91,068 more, we won’t have enough resources to expand our gun violence prevention programs and push Congress to come back from their summer break and finally pass lifesaving gun safety reforms.

We know exactly how to make our communities safer. We work year-round protecting children from gun violence, and we’ve helped write the bills to do it across the country.

Right now, we have a real opportunity to pass meaningful, lifesaving legislation that would help prevent tragedies before they happen. We cannot let these 31 precious people – and every person killed by gun violence – die in vain.

That’s why it’s crucial we reach this goal – and why your help is so important today. Thank you for everything you do.

Sandy Hook Promise

Please click here to rush $10, or as much as you possibly can, to Sandy Hook Promise right now so we can increase our advocacy efforts to spur Congress into action. Help us seize this moment to make change and prevent gun violence before another community is ripped apart.