Sandy Hook Strong news – Newtown, CT: Sandy Hook Promise release by
Natalie Barden (Daniel’s sister)

On the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, my school went into lockdown.

When I heard there had been an “incident” at Sandy Hook Elementary – where my little brother, Daniel, was in first grade – I assumed there was an animal near the school or an accident in a neighboring town.

I didn’t believe something terrible could happen at Sandy Hook.

My classmates swapped theories about what happened, but I didn’t think they meant anything. Even as I walked to the bus, surrounded by helicopters and news vans, I never considered that any of it was connected to Daniel.

But when my brother James and I got home, our parents told us to go upstairs with them. I peered into the kitchen and saw several family members sitting at the table. I silently cried as I climbed the stairs. Somewhere deep inside of me, I realized what was coming.

I screamed and cried when they told us Daniel had been murdered. Cried and screamed. There was nothing else to do after learning my 7-year-old brother was dead.

I don’t want any other families to experience the terrible, life-shattering pain I felt that day and every day since. That’s why it’s so important we help Sandy Hook Promise hit their goal today.

From all our pain, a movement has emerged – and we need your help to fund the important work ahead next year. We still need to raise funds, so please, can I count on you to give right now to protect more children like my little brother from gun violence?

Please donate $10, or as much as you can, to Sandy Hook Promise right away. Every dollar you give will help protect more kids like my little brother, Daniel, from gun violence in 2020.

By honoring Daniel through this work, my parents showed me that when things are wrong, you stand up and you fix them. And it’s wrong that kids are dying every day from shootings we know how to prevent.

So I know I need to do this – not only for Daniel, but for victims of gun violence everywhere. And now, standing together with my peers and people like you who care so much about preventing gun violence, I can see how strong we are.

Saturday marks seven years since Daniel was murdered. I can never get my little brother back – but I know that together, we can make a difference and help honor Daniel today. Thank you so much for your support.

Natalie Barden (Daniel’s sister)